St. Cloud Sees Muni-WiFi Woes

from the wonky-wireless dept

St. Cloud, Florida, has attracted some attention for being the first place in the US to roll out free citywide WiFi service. One month in, the city of 28,000's 15-square-mile network is hitting some road bumps, with users complaining about dead spots and weak signal strength. It's only been a month, so it's still too early to condemn the network, but the tale does serve as a reminder that despite all the hype surrounding citywide WiFi, it remains something of an unproven commodity, both technically and financially. Municipal WiFi is a compelling idea that offers lots of benefits beyond just simple internet access. But the hype surrounding it is deafening, and it's pretty obvious that these networks are going to have some teething pains, and it's going to be a while -- if ever -- before they deliver all their promised benefits.

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  1. identicon
    Amy, 9 Apr 2008 @ 3:33pm

    Sunshine PC Solutions

    Arrrrr Sunshine PC Solutions are a ripe off and I think something is smelling fishy in ST. Cloud. I'm new to St Cloud. so I went to on of their work shops to find out how to get on the darn thing. Talked to a lady their (comes to find out later she works for or is part owner of the darn company) tells me I need a pep link like the speaker was telling us and go to Sunshine PC Solutions. The guy going over the work shop also told us to go to Sunshine PC Solutions. So I went to them they talked me into getting setup with a (by the time they were done)a $816.00 system that only works half the time when I call them when it stopped working.. guess what they said its not our equipment its cyberspot. and wont even come out to my house without charging me to look at it. but what really makes me mad is the fact that I asked the sales guy at Sunshine PC Solutions if I can use it to pay my bills and look at my bank he said no problem its lying a$$hole someone has taking control of my ebay,paypal,and tried to transfer money out of my bank account with paypal...The guy from the bank said not to use it for banking Oh to add fuel on the fire right on St Clouds web site they are advertising for Sunshine PC Solutions and PC zone for you to purchase the peplink off of them sounds like a conflict of interest to me..

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