St. Cloud Sees Muni-WiFi Woes

from the wonky-wireless dept

St. Cloud, Florida, has attracted some attention for being the first place in the US to roll out free citywide WiFi service. One month in, the city of 28,000's 15-square-mile network is hitting some road bumps, with users complaining about dead spots and weak signal strength. It's only been a month, so it's still too early to condemn the network, but the tale does serve as a reminder that despite all the hype surrounding citywide WiFi, it remains something of an unproven commodity, both technically and financially. Municipal WiFi is a compelling idea that offers lots of benefits beyond just simple internet access. But the hype surrounding it is deafening, and it's pretty obvious that these networks are going to have some teething pains, and it's going to be a while -- if ever -- before they deliver all their promised benefits.

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  1. identicon
    Adron, 24 Apr 2006 @ 1:19pm

    Re: Re: Bunch of Freakin Whiners!

    Yeah, it would be great if I could actually expect either an ROI on my forcefully taken money (taxes) or at least get what I pay for. But then of course, when someone raking in 50k is paying several thou to state & city, several thou to ss, about a thou to medicare, and then getting hit with sales tax and federal income tax... being left with a total cash income of about 25-30k... we'll NEVER be able to expect what we pay for from the Government. If they did what the law outlines and not monopolize and destroy businesses thru such gestures it WOULD be a better world. Let's see, we've reduced transit capacity, decreased family and community involvement, eliminated income as something someone earns for doing a job, created income taxes, paved a few roads, lost a lot of money, and started a lot of wars ever since the Guv'ment started being socialist. U can trace the behavior all the way back to the whites going after the indians. All for the betterment of the "settlers" i.e. society. Socialism RULZ!! yeah. Let's tax more and start more wars! wooohooo! :|

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