Inflated MySpace Page Views Explain 10-Cent CPMs

from the whip-page-view-inflation-now dept

Several months ago, we noted that something wasn't adding up when it came to MySpace. Ostensibly they are one of the most viewed sites on the internet, yet their ability to pull in revenues seems almost pitifully poor. This became the subject of much chatter this weekend, as The New York Times pondered the same question. According to one web designer, at issue is the MySpace's design, which produces a large number of extra page views each time a user accesses the site. With a superior interface, the user might get the same experience with a third (or less) page views. Advertisers understand that a lot of the page views are redundant, thus explaining why they're not will to pay too much for ad impressions -- giving MySpace a reported 10-cent average CPM. What isn't clear is whether the company would be better off improving the site's usability. Undoubtedly they'd improve their CPM, but it might be at the expense of their stature as a top-ten internet destination -- something that's helped fuel a lot of their hype. Some publishers have openly stated that they won't adopt more efficient design techniques, out of fear of reducing their ad impressions, and thus revenues. Ultimately, this seems like a bad strategy. Nobody likes a cab driver that takes the scenic route, just to drive up the fare. Eventually, people will gravitate to sites with superior usability. It's better to become one of those, than to foist bogus page views on the users and advertisers.

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  1. identicon
    Alan MadLeese, 1 May 2006 @ 9:58pm

    Cabin Boys on Parade

    Anybody in this chatfest on MySpace aware that Cabin Boys TOm Anderson and Chris DeWolfe have been outed on the Internet as mere fronts for the people who really owned and peddled MySpace to Fox in a fire sale that resembled a teardown of a fake storefront before the bustout and the crooks left town in the dead of night.
    Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe did not create the success that has many puzzled, the brains and money behind MySpace's dodgy rise to the top were Clarence B. (Uncle Bud) Coleman and his wife Joan of San Leandro Calif., and Andrew Alan Wiederhorn and his wife TIffany of Portland Oregon.
    As Trent Lapinski correctly and astutely notes in his blogs on MySpace, the myth of the nerd DeWolfe and the free-spirit Anderson sitting around some seedy shack eating pizza and dreaming dreams is horsehoickey, an example of the masterful cons of the Wiederhorns and the Colemans, both disgraced human beings known up and down the coast of Oregon as, well, folks you couldn't trust as far as you could throw them. Some reading is indicated by those who talk aobut MySpace and a good starting place would be Trent Lapinski's blogs, Jason Lee Miller's webpro stories, the ongoing attempt by Wikipedia to undo the lies of those who would thwart the truth-tellers, and aslo check out my posting three weeks ago in the Catbird Forum of the Elephant Nest, and then ask yourself if you want Uncles Bud and Andy and Aunts Tiffany and Joan to be baby-sitting your thirteen-yearold who lied to get into MySpace and then, of course, had to llie to Mom and Pop also, and, gee, kids can learn to lie in MySpace, which is no place like home. al macleese, from Hallowell Maine, which is where life is as it ought to be.

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