Inflated MySpace Page Views Explain 10-Cent CPMs

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Several months ago, we noted that something wasn't adding up when it came to MySpace. Ostensibly they are one of the most viewed sites on the internet, yet their ability to pull in revenues seems almost pitifully poor. This became the subject of much chatter this weekend, as The New York Times pondered the same question. According to one web designer, at issue is the MySpace's design, which produces a large number of extra page views each time a user accesses the site. With a superior interface, the user might get the same experience with a third (or less) page views. Advertisers understand that a lot of the page views are redundant, thus explaining why they're not will to pay too much for ad impressions -- giving MySpace a reported 10-cent average CPM. What isn't clear is whether the company would be better off improving the site's usability. Undoubtedly they'd improve their CPM, but it might be at the expense of their stature as a top-ten internet destination -- something that's helped fuel a lot of their hype. Some publishers have openly stated that they won't adopt more efficient design techniques, out of fear of reducing their ad impressions, and thus revenues. Ultimately, this seems like a bad strategy. Nobody likes a cab driver that takes the scenic route, just to drive up the fare. Eventually, people will gravitate to sites with superior usability. It's better to become one of those, than to foist bogus page views on the users and advertisers.

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  1. identicon
    MarillaAnne, 24 Apr 2006 @ 8:08pm

    LOL Ya'll Sound Older than ME!

    Freakengine has it right. It's just fun to create your own stuff without having to understand it all. I've always had a website and several I built with Dreamweaver and serveral I built with online tools.

    Now, I'm using a very complicated online tool to (badly) build my site. It has several databases that I created and use. I don't understand how they work ... I just know how to type in the field names I want and how to click on the little tool and tell it "display this field here."

    I have a few places where I use RSS feeds on my web site. All I have to do is copy and paste the RSS feed addy into a little window ... and poof! RSS feed displayed on my site ... then i get to clean it up and make it display nicely but that's about four more clicks. It's so much fun!

    I use the tools badly really ... the creators of the tools make drop-dead gorgeous sites.

    But back to MySpace ... and the bad designs that people create ... they really aren't a Myspace, the company, fault. If a body were so inclined, they could make almost every free blog page out there look uh like they were replicating ... mmm ... freakengine ... i'd say it was mmm I got married in 99 ... 98 was college ... (yes, I started life over at 40) oh yeah ... it was 97 & 98 & even 99 ... 99 things were "improving" some but only because the advertising departments were taking over ... well that's how they tell it.

    As far as MySpace, the company goes, yes, they could stop using the infantile game ads ... but look around you ... look at just the tech news industry alone. I mean just because the marketing department and the graphic designers move in and make it look more mature ... is it really improvement?

    The ads are still flash based and they still they drag the page load down and they still visually distract me so much that i have a personal mantra that goes ... "i will stay only long enough to get the info ... do not look ... do not click."

    ok but, again, back to myspace -- the users -- this is the thing that really floors me as a woman ... these little flashy whirly cutesy things that people post in comments ... yeah ... why haven't their designs matured any? ... i don't understand ... i think there's this whole sub-culture that really loves these things ... i keep wondering what their homes look like ... are they full of bad hand-crafts from the 70's, and 80's? ... ok i've thought about that long enough to be scared ... never mind ... i didn't bring it up.

    And this probably needs a major clean up ... but I'm going to go walk and have coffee with my husband ... and pretend there's a real world.

    have fun,

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