Forget Vibrate, What About Shock Mode?

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Mobile-phone maker Motorola has received a patent for a system that uses electric shocks to let somebody know when they're phone is ringing, rather than the usual ringtone or vibration. The user wears a small pad with electrodes on their skin that's connected wirelessly to the phone, and get a shock -- which can be personalized, depending on the caller -- when they're called. It's hard to see this system really taking off, but especially not with users on the Great Wall of China, where phone users are supposedly already being electrocuted.

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  1. identicon
    Professor Highbrow, 20 Apr 2006 @ 7:25pm

    Superb Idea!

    I must say that this an excellent idea. I would like two electrodes, please, Motorola. One attached to each side of the head, at the temples.
    This way some of the more insane members of our mobile phone society can receive an electro-shock treatment each time their phone rings. I would love to know their phone numbers as well, because I'm going to be redialing often when I find a guy parking a little too close to my car, or when the retard in front of me on the road can't seem to drive in a straight line and talk on the phone at the same time, ruining it for me and everybody else that doesn't have difficulty "multitasking."
    Also useful for those that can't walk and chew gum at the same time.
    With two electrodes, these could be attached anywhere, possibly even without permission from the cell phone user! Imagine the possibilities....
    Hang on MAN!! I got another call! My nipples are burning!

    --Professor HighBrow
    (hittin' below the belt...)

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