Intuit Freaks Out Last Minute Tax Filers By Rebooting Machines

from the oh,-sure,-it-was-was-preventatitve dept

In what must have absolutely spooked out a ton of last minute tax filers, Intuit shut down its computer systems briefly this evening. While they claim that this was "preventative maintenance" in order to "prepare for the heavier volume of electronic tax filing expected later in the evening," that seems hard to believe. It's quite likely that an awful lot of people were already using the system around 5:30 PM on the east coast (even if many east coasters actually get one extra day for tax filing). If you're running a system that you absolutely know is going to get overwhelmed with traffic at a certain time, such as Turbo Tax's e-filing system on tax day, there's no way that you plan to take it offline for 20 minutes on purpose. Perhaps their servers were "sunset" and they were forced to upgrade, as Intuit has been known to do to plenty of customers.

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  1. identicon
    Tabacco, 18 Aug 2006 @ 4:53pm

    Re: Fairtax is a lie


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    I think Bush will spring HR25 on us after November elections.

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