Surprise: Networks Don't Like Cablevision's DVR Plans

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Cablevision detailed its plans last month to set up a network-based DVR service that would essentially work like a giant video-on-demand system. Cablevision would store everything, and users would just call up the shows they want to watch. It took a little while, but networks' reaction was inevitable: they don't really like it, just like they didn't like a similar earlier effort from Time Warner and got it neutered. It's pretty mind-blowing that like many other entertainment businesses, cable networks can't understand that it's in their best interest to support innovations and services that make their content more accessible and more useful to their audience. One network head says "the lawyers at all of our companies are looking at it and trying to figure out a strategy". But instead of having lawyers lead the company and figure out ways to stymie viewers, why not work with the cable companies to figure out a way to benefit and thrive from the new system? Is that just too much work?

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  1. identicon
    Jon, 10 Apr 2006 @ 10:11am


    I agree with the others. What downfall would this really bring to networks? This will just make a more legit and easy to use system for people. Anyone can hook a good tv-tuner card up to their pc and record. DVRs you can time so you don't forget. Or the people who download TV episodes from the internet. Hell, my mother still uses a vcr for recording. With all these options of being able to record and not have to watch when the program is aired...what difference does this have? None. Networks are just worried about their ratings and advertisements. Personally there have been many times I have missed a show recording because I wasn't aware of the time it was on. They just need to get off their high-horse and figure out a way to make it benefit them in the process, not be lazy and just say no to innovation.

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