by Mike Masnick

Freescale, Motorola Say To Hell With UWB Forum

To be honest, the ridiculous, nasty and costly UWB standards battle has gotten so pointless that we haven't even been following it as closely lately. With the two camps agreeing to disagree, with the promise of fighting it out in the marketplace (where each will have a tougher hill to climb, since there will be questions about which standard to adopt), the whole standards battle seemed like something that should just be left behind. It's only purpose, in the end, was really to show how not to do things. Still, even with the IEEE UWB standards group disbanding, it is a bit surprising to see Motorola and spinoff Freescale drop out of the UWB Forum. They claim that it's too distracting and now that the battle has gone to the marketplace anyway, they might as well just concentrate on that. While this makes some sense, it could also make their UWB offering considered even more of an outsider to the WiMedia Alliance's Wireless USB, which has been considered the lead pony anyway.

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