by Joseph Weisenthal

Nextel Ups The Stakes In Marketing To Paranoid Parents

from the just-selling-of-peace-of-mind dept

Yesterday, we wrote about Disney's MVNO, which offers parents the ability to better track their kids mobile usage, and even monitor their location. It seems like Nextel is looking to one up Disney in the profiting from fear department, offering a service that uses GPS to alert parents anytime their child is near the home of a registered sex offender (via Engadget Mobile). While the Disney offering may give parents a false sense of security, Nextel's service may do the opposite, giving parents random but frequent bouts of terror and helplessness. It wouldn't be a surprise if this appeals to a lot of parents, but it's not clear how this service actually makes kids any safer.

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  1. identicon
    Another Kid, 6 Apr 2006 @ 6:50pm

    I would agree, if you were that paranoid it would be better to NOT know what we actually do seeing as that would worry you more. To me it sounds like a senseless waste of money. Besides the fact that if I ever had a phone with that, I wouldn't bring it with me, actually I would boycott it. Basically, I'm 16 and if my parents got me that phone I would tell them to shove it, although more respectfully. ("Sorry, I don't really want a cell phone guys, just take it back and save yourselves the money...because I'm not really gonna use it, or I'll use it too much. I don't trust myself with it") Parents..don't waste your time.

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