by Joseph Weisenthal

Sony Attacks Critical Review Of Movie They Know Is Bad

from the why-did-they-make-it-in-the-first-place dept

Most people can tell that Hollywood puts out a lot of junk every year, and one wonders whether the studios realize it as well. Apparently, they do know when something is bad, and they try to limit reviewers' access to bad movies. They're probably anxious to avoid another Gigli moment, with reviewers trying to outdo each other in who can be the meanest. When one reviewer slipped through the cracks and caught a screening of the upcoming Rob Schneider vehicle The Benchwarmers, Sony marketing went on the attack. According to the reviewer, the studio called papers where his write-up might have run, called him a liar and said he scammed his way into the screening. They even tried to trick the papers, telling them they'd have to pay extra to run the review, even though they subscribe to the wire service where it was posted. Of course, none of this addresses the review itself, or in anyway casts doubt onto the reviewers ojectivity. This isn't the first time that Sony's had controversy with film reviewers. A few years ago they were discovered to have made up fake quotes from a reviewer that didn't exist (oddly, for another Rob Schneider film). What's weird is if they know the movie is bad, why they bothered distributing it in the first place. Maybe they don't want to miss the next Snakes On A Plane.

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  1. identicon
    The Ignored One, 6 Apr 2006 @ 5:57pm

    I think too many people have way too high expectaions for movies. If you don't like sony's movie, make a better one or shut up. How about we forget all the revewiers and just see the movie and decide for ourselves if the movie's good or not?

    Now that's entirely unreasonable with other, more evpensive and usually hardware products, yes? I say buy conputers from apple or dell(if you want a pc). Then you're sure that you'll get the hardware how you want it, and the software's gonna suck either way. If in five years there's a still battle with HDDVD players on one side of the isle and Blu-Ray on the other side of the isle, buy whichever one you think has better movies, or if one has died, then buy the other. Don't wory about sony or not or this actor vs that actor, worry about if you think it's a good product from your own opinion.

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