Whoops, Cell Phones Will Give You Cancer Again

from the who-to-believe? dept

Continuing the long run of contradictory reports on the role of mobile-phone use in causing brain tumors, a new Swedish study says that long-term phone use raises a person's risk of getting a malignant brain tumor. The "link" is apparently that of the 905 people they surveyed that had malignant tumors, 85 of them were "high users of mobile phones". That really doesn't seem to indicate much causation -- all 905 people probably wore shoes at one point or another, so should we conclude that shoes cause brain tumors? The real long-term effects of mobile phone use on people's brains and bodies remain unclear, but this type of study doesn't really help clear things up, one way or another.

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  1. identicon
    Zeroth404, 31 Mar 2006 @ 12:48pm

    Re: Re:

    "You also do not reply to the comment properly, making threaded reading hard for everyone"

    I don't use threaded reading, I wasn't even aware.

    "You are treating people like statistics. You don't care if 3 billion people die of cancer as long as it isn't you. You don't care about people who are suffering. These are people we are talking about, not just statistics, not just numbers on paper."

    I'm just trying to be unbiased. I do care if 3 billion people die, thats a lot of people. but if 3 billion people HAVE to die, no-matter-fucking-what, then I'd rather have it be people that aren't sane enough to enjoy life, aren't conscious, or are a threat to the rest of the population. like AIDS victims. there is reasoning in every single category of candidates that I've mentioned.

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