Whoops, Cell Phones Will Give You Cancer Again

from the who-to-believe? dept

Continuing the long run of contradictory reports on the role of mobile-phone use in causing brain tumors, a new Swedish study says that long-term phone use raises a person's risk of getting a malignant brain tumor. The "link" is apparently that of the 905 people they surveyed that had malignant tumors, 85 of them were "high users of mobile phones". That really doesn't seem to indicate much causation -- all 905 people probably wore shoes at one point or another, so should we conclude that shoes cause brain tumors? The real long-term effects of mobile phone use on people's brains and bodies remain unclear, but this type of study doesn't really help clear things up, one way or another.

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  1. identicon
    Zeroth404, 31 Mar 2006 @ 10:30am


    Just so long as you don't mind going first, I'm sure everyone else will be happy to take the same cavalier attitude..."

    I'd rather do a random selection, or a logical selection. I'f I had to make a logical selection, I'd first throw in children under the age of 4 -- these are people that have yet to develop a personality or the ability to think for themselves. I'd then throw in people over the age of 80 that are considerd senile. I'd then throw in all the bed vegetables that are in any sort of undefined-length coma.

    This would be a large chunk of the population which leaves all the people that can say and comprehend "I think, there for I am."

    From there, I'd take all terminally ill patients. I'd then take people with incurable Sexually transmitted diseases such as aids.

    You might be very angry with me right now, but if I had to make a selection of the population to live, then the people left over from what I've mentioned are the best suited to maintain the survival of our own species.

    If at that point I still haven't killed off as many people as I've been required, I'd make a completely random selection of the rest -- including myself.

    "A study conducted in the USA found that brain tumors caused heavy cell phone use. The data was backed up by other actions like talking on cell phones while driving and putting on mascara at 80 mph in the left lane, all at the same time. These actions can only be explained as the result of a brain tumor."

    Thats funny

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