So, Wait, Is .xxx Good Or Bad For Kids?

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It would appear that we now have two different groups of politicians, both of whom are trying to appear more "protective of our children" tossing around a political football concerning the .xxx top-level domain. Back in December, the US administration stepped in and pressured ICANN not to approve .xxx for adult sites, after conservative and religious groups protested such a red-light district online as "legitimizing" such content -- and, of course, this was bad for the cause of "protecting our children." Meanwhile, earlier this month, some US Senators started pushing a bill that would force the creation of such a domain and require all adult content sites to reside there. Again, this was put forth as a way of "protecting our children." So, for those of you who expect the government to parent your children for you, .xxx is either the best thing or the worst thing for protecting your kids. Meanwhile, ICANN, who is supposed to be making this decision on its own and who is also supposed to be separate from the US government, had planned to meet on this again this week, with approval of .xxx expected. Except... US officials have again stepped in to force ICANN to hold off, thus showing that ICANN doesn't seem to have quite the independence it claims to have. As the discussion on this continues, expect to hear over and over again the importance of protecting our children -- but who protects our children from ridiculous political battles?

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  1. identicon
    Charlie Brown, 14 Jan 2007 @ 11:35am

    .XXX domains

    It's like this, as far as I have read, there are a few poins, to comment.

    1) Unlike some people think, the world is not only the US, but also other countries too (Like my one, Portugal), so the US can't enforce their laws in other countries... (This is why, it's very hard to stop piracy...)

    2) Do you really think, that all websites wil move to an .xxx domain? Some may, but others may not, because their will be filtered on many places, like companies, lan houses, etc.

    3) The ideia of what is porn and what isn't differs from country to country, in some countries an womam showing her face is bad, while in others people walking naked on an beach is perfectly normal...

    4) If I have kids, particullary on the portuguese scenary where six year kids, actually know how to speech french, english, making money conversies, etc., I would not like them to be like nerds, or something like that, so that when left in the street they be unsafe, without knowing what's bad or good, and porn sites are one way to teach that (At least until the teaching sex in schools law is approved..)

    5) Now an economical reason, many companies that produce web filters and porn content, would be out of the industry, and I don't see any government going against their wil (because their have the economical means, on their side...)

    In short, this is an big affair, just like some others related to it, some countries easy approve it, while others don't. And there wil always someone out there trying to break it

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