How The Web Made Sure There Were Snakes On The Mother Bleeping Plane

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Movie studios often have a bit of a love-hate affair with their online fans. In the early days of the web, there was all this fear that online fans would spread bad news about a film before final edits could be made, and a film would be ruined. A few years back, though, the studios finally started to recognize that fans could actually have good ideas for movies, and giving them what they wanted wasn't such a bad idea. Of course, this usually was for films that came with a pre-set fanbase (usually based off of something else, or a sequel). However, since the web has been buzzing for the past few months over a film called Snakes On A Plane, it's interesting to note that the producers of the film were clued in enough to bring back the cast to film more scenes, including one specific one requested by fans, getting Samuel L. Jackson to put in the obvious line involving the (bleeped) snakes on the (bleeped) plane. What's interesting is just how much buzz this film has been able to drum up, mostly off of people obsessing over the sheer brilliance of the name.

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  1. identicon
    Zeroth404, 24 Mar 2006 @ 11:26am

    "Jesus Christ people!! Figure out how to write a complete sentence, why don't you! If you are really that friggin' stupid, then please don't comment at all. You are making all of America look bad. Retards."

    First of all, Jesus Christ was an illegitimate child.

    Second of all, nobody is going to respod to a negative comment in a positive way.

    And third, If Americans are making America look bad...well that just means that America IS bad.

    Now let me hump your leg.

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