Will DSL Really Get Naked?

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For years, many people have been asking for "naked DSL" -- the ability to get DSL without also having to pay for phone service. While Qwest became a supporter of naked DSL early on, the other big telcos refused to budge. They would either say there was no demand, or they would announce it, delay it and then not really offer it -- even as they claimed they did. Even better, was BellSouth, which tried to jump on the naked DSL bandwagon by offering something totally different and calling it naked DSL. So, with that in mind, we're still a bit skeptical whenever the big telcos say they're going to offer naked DSL. Broadband Reports notes that AT&T and Verizon are now required to offer naked DSL, as part of their various merger agreements. However, it's still not clear exactly when this will happen, or what form it will take. Given how hard the telcos (with the exception of Qwest) have fought this, it's likely that the eventual naked DSL offerings may be "naked," but will have so many strings attached, that they'll feel pretty well clothed.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 26 Oct 2006 @ 6:18am

    naked from verizon, but not verizon bureaucracy

    i just ordered dsl for a residence in NYC from verizon. i live in a new apartment building in battery park. the building is fancy and has all the amenities, but they did not install jacks for the cable tv and telephone lines (just the white plastic covers over the holes in the walls that lead to the wires).

    i called verizon to get dsl and at the same time requested them to come out and install a wall jack (for $199). the rep who took my order had a problem with making my request fit into the system since 1) it was a new building, and 2) I was only getting DSL. Eventually, he said his manager helped him beat the system and it took the order. He scheduled my wall jack service for 1 week later. the box came w/in days.

    well, that day came for the technician to install the jack and no one showed up. i called back and they said there was a signal problem. They asked me to give them a week or so to resolve it. they said they would give me a call back.

    Meanwhile I started getting calls from a verizon recorder saying my dsl service was setup and to call them if I have any problems. I called verizon to get an update and they transferred me to the dsl call center in Ireland (truley clueless reps...if you don't use the service you shouldn't be talking about it) and they said my dsl was activated.

    It seems that when i called to complain about the technician not coming out to install the jack, they thought i was talking about activation.

    i had to explain to them that it was great that it was activated but i still cannot get to it...i still don't have a jack. i was transferred from the dsl call center in Ireland, who said it was a local telephone office problem, to a call center in the US, who said it was a dsl problem since i had ordered naked dsl. the US rep then transferred me back to Ireleand.

    I asked the rep in Ireland to stay on the line while he transferred me back to the call center in the US. He did and I held on the line for awhile while he spoke to the US call center telephone rep. They seemed to have worked things out and I was able to get on the service schedule for jack installation...but 1 week later as the US rep said he couldn't override the schedule in the system.

    Verizon naked dsl is available, but they are still working out the bureaucratic kinks. you also must accept a telephone number (not a usable one) as your account number. this telephone number is also not portable to Vonage. This is another example of not having made the bureaucratic step to naked dsl.

    the technician is suppose to come today to install the jack. if you he doesn't come, you will hear from me again. I ordered naked dsl around 10/1/2006..today is 10/26/2006.

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