Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

Will DSL Really Get Naked?

from the believe-it-when-I-see-it dept

For years, many people have been asking for "naked DSL" -- the ability to get DSL without also having to pay for phone service. While Qwest became a supporter of naked DSL early on, the other big telcos refused to budge. They would either say there was no demand, or they would announce it, delay it and then not really offer it -- even as they claimed they did. Even better, was BellSouth, which tried to jump on the naked DSL bandwagon by offering something totally different and calling it naked DSL. So, with that in mind, we're still a bit skeptical whenever the big telcos say they're going to offer naked DSL. Broadband Reports notes that AT&T and Verizon are now required to offer naked DSL, as part of their various merger agreements. However, it's still not clear exactly when this will happen, or what form it will take. Given how hard the telcos (with the exception of Qwest) have fought this, it's likely that the eventual naked DSL offerings may be "naked," but will have so many strings attached, that they'll feel pretty well clothed.

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  1. identicon
    another Anonymous Coward, 22 Mar 2006 @ 4:02am

    nekkid DSL r0x0rz

    Yeah, so I see at&t as actually liking the whole VOIP thing. I think they've come to terms with the fact that it's here to stay and that it will be the next big thing...but! and yes, there is a big BUT...they are trying to control the shape of the industry. They want the industry to go where THEY want it to go and not where consumers want it to go. Eventually, there will be no such thing as dial tone anymore. I know this because I work with an un-named company that is helping at&t build out their fiber network to the node and even further out to the premises. FTTx is where it's going. Once everything is IP based in a light pipe, then you will have no need for dial tone. It'll already be 1's and 0's so it only makes cense to sell VOIP to your customers with "naked" DSL...and a whole lot of other services.

    That is truly where the industry is going and right now T and VZ are the front runners to take us there. If you live in Texas, then feel lucky because that's where both companies' infrastructure build outs are beginning. VZ already has thousands of real customers up and running on fiber and T is trial testing it now with plans for full roll out later this year.

    Qwest is a front runner for the nekkid and the VDSL, but they aren't building enough fiber infrastructure to keep up with the big boys anymore...which sucks for me as I live in a Qwest operated state.

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