Will DSL Really Get Naked?

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For years, many people have been asking for "naked DSL" -- the ability to get DSL without also having to pay for phone service. While Qwest became a supporter of naked DSL early on, the other big telcos refused to budge. They would either say there was no demand, or they would announce it, delay it and then not really offer it -- even as they claimed they did. Even better, was BellSouth, which tried to jump on the naked DSL bandwagon by offering something totally different and calling it naked DSL. So, with that in mind, we're still a bit skeptical whenever the big telcos say they're going to offer naked DSL. Broadband Reports notes that AT&T and Verizon are now required to offer naked DSL, as part of their various merger agreements. However, it's still not clear exactly when this will happen, or what form it will take. Given how hard the telcos (with the exception of Qwest) have fought this, it's likely that the eventual naked DSL offerings may be "naked," but will have so many strings attached, that they'll feel pretty well clothed.

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  1. identicon
    Woodchuck, 21 Mar 2006 @ 4:31pm

    Qwest in Colorado for over a year

    I was directly involved in this type of roll out in Colorado with Qwest and the state lottery. they are uttilizing a private DSL network of over 1000 sites for the terminals with over half of these locations running on "naked DSL" aka "StandAlone DSL".
    The original product offering from Qwest required a minimum loop qual of 1.5 that was eventually dropped and they are still offering the product to the lottery network provider. This was done for many reasons but the primary being locations that wanted to use indepent carriers for service in Qwest territories (McLeod, etc.). This meant that dial tone was leased and service via traditional delivery was not available, but due to the CO copper to the premise still being owned by Qwest as long as there was an available pair it made for the perfect product. It also eliminated many of the false posative quals that can occur on traditional loop qualifying. There are many benifets to a product like this, ranging from a seperate enterprise product offering allowing for seperate SLA's, to multiple offerings at a single premise that would normally only have one TN, to allowing the continuation of "convergance".
    As far as the post "Partnered ok, Naked not-needed by Mike Liveright " I would have to disagree, as you can see just by the quick examples there are many other reasons other than VOIP to have this service aailable. Just to be clear I am not saying the choice for a copper TN should go away, rather that the choice of how to have the product I am purchasing be served to me. The reason that the major telcos have not embraced this is simple FEAR, they would rather deny a new technology that could transform there industry than embrace it as a new product offering, with new benifits, markets, and add-ons. They fear it because they only see the ecrochment of the VOIP market instead of seeing the transformation of the entire network provider, telco, and overall communications network market.
    There are many other reasons this is a needed product offering this is just a sample, I have deployed networks in over a dozen states and countries using technologies ranging from wirless to satalite to DDS, to DSL and others, the benifitial offering, cost efficency, and overall product potential of "standalone DSL" practicly demands and screams for the consumer world to demand this product from the telcos.
    And as far as the difficulty of install don't let them lie to you, you is from the premise perspective no differant to install than traditional DSL, in some cases additional IW may be needed but the is a minimal expense and or hassle as long as you DON'T have the provider do it.
    Just my 2 cents on a subject that brings my passion out, those that read tis and know me will immediatly recognize the woodchuck and know that often I will hold my tongue but on this and a few other subjects I'll take anybody to task...

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