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HideTechdirt is off for the long weekend! We'll be back with our regular posts tomorrow.

Judge Tells RIAA They Don't Get To Randomly Hunt Through Everyone's Computers

from the sorry,-no-dice dept

One thing that's become clear in all of the recording industry's lawsuits against file sharers, is they feel they pretty much have free reign in what they should be allowed to do. That's why they originally wanted ISPs to just hand over names without having to file a lawsuit, and why they tend to take a "guilty until proven innocent" point of view. However, it appears some courts are finally pointing out to the RIAA that they don't have the right to do some of these things. The latest example involves one of the lawsuits, where the accused claims she never was involved in file sharing. The RIAA demanded full access to her computer -- which she rightly felt was a violation of her privacy, as there was a lot more on her computer that obviously had nothing to do with the case. A judge has agreed and told the woman she can hire her own forensics expert, and bill the RIAA for any expenses.

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  1. identicon
    Curtis Edenfield, 21 Mar 2006 @ 7:17am

    Re: Re: Apples & Oranges

    mr rich blowboy / fanboi ... $3500 in cash to pay for substandard copies of the latest crap that the **aa continue to put out and oevrcharge for? what a sad sad and sheltered life you lead ... how 'bout the concept of these twits proving their case instead of being permitted a free phishing expedition ... or are they merely a front for the CIA / NSA trying another roundabout way to circumvent your rights since the 9/11 fiasco? welcome to Mussolini's paradise. or is that Busholini's paradise.? papers, please ... where's your yellow six-pointed star? who are you hiding in that attic? once you've started down that slippery slope you're ALREADY 95% of the way to your destination oh, and where are the brakes?... you MUST make it IMPOSSIBLE for your politicians or corporations to violate your rights in any way shape or form ... regardless of the faulty and malicious laws they pass ... and how they attempt to manipulate reality.

    Dude do you take psychotropic drugs? I own most of my CD's by buying them at secondhand store's, an ripped them. I don't share them on a P2P network. I really think you need some help if you think the CIA or NSA is involved.

    Better turn your computer off the FBI is watching you.

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