The Aftermath Of RIM-NTP: Other Patent Hoarders Emboldened

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Now that the RIM-NTP case is over and the lawyers are counting the loot from a bunch of patents that are very likely to be rejected, it appears that (1) plenty of other patent hoarding firms can't wait to step into the limelight as the "next NTP" and (2) reporters who have been covering this case need to move onto some new patent hoarding company. Well, step right up Forgent, you're the next contestant on "Just How Screwed Up Is Our Patent System?!" The AP has an article all about Forgent's attempts to be the next patent hoarding company to get all the attention. There's absolutely nothing new in this story. We've covered Forgent extensively in the past. The company has done nothing to help innovation in the imaging space. They had some patents collecting dust that they retroactively decided could cover jpg compression technology, and went on a licensing kick, scoring millions of dollars. Of course, now, people are finally digging up some prior art -- but either way it highlights the problem of the patent system. This company did nothing to promote innovation. It did everything to hinder it. And the comments from the company about how this is "the American way" are ridiculous. Holding back others from innovating and improving the market is the American way? Unfortunately, this is the legacy of the RIM-NTP decision. More companies feel emboldened to not innovate, but simply patent and wait for others to innovate.

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    MysSelfanInventor (profile), 21 Mar 2006 @ 10:12am


    oops! Sorry about the blank post.

    Yes AngryDude 200+ inventions. Most of them are simple improvements to already created inventions, but different enough to warrent the term Invention. For example, (Not that I think you have ever used much less even seen a REAL chainsaw, nevermind sharpen one) just about anyone who has used a chainsaw knows how hard they are to sharpen, I have in the works (Still in design phase) a sharpener that sits with in the chainsaw sharpening as it runs. (Admittedly not as good as stopping cutting and sharpening it with a file, but I am predicting a 40% increase in the length of time you can cut without stopping to sharpen.)

    Or how about my electrical socket that won't depress away from the faceplate (A rather common problem I am finding in older houses) which is being tested right now in my own house in about 7 different rooms.

    Like I said, they are just simple improvements on previous inventions, but the thing is, that is why inventors (REAL INVENTORS not children like you) invent. To improve society. Now, I have shared two of my inventions why don't you either put up or shut up.

    You seem to be under the impression that you are god's greatest gift to mankind because you hold one measly patent. And worse, you are lording your supposed patent over the rest of us, claiming that the corporations are corrupt because they troll their patents, then, you stated

    >Just remember, the BIGGEST "patent troll" is IBM with over 40,000 patent, most of them are potentially invalid, by the way.
    If IBM is allowed to do it, why can't I do it ? I certainly can and will, once I raise some money for litigation...

    which says that you are no better than anyone of these patent trolling companies.

    When you finally decide to come off of your mother's apron strings, come back and talk to me. When you decide that you are a grown man, I will talk to you as such. Until then, Here is a pillow and a blanket, I think it's nap-time

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