The Aftermath Of RIM-NTP: Other Patent Hoarders Emboldened

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Now that the RIM-NTP case is over and the lawyers are counting the loot from a bunch of patents that are very likely to be rejected, it appears that (1) plenty of other patent hoarding firms can't wait to step into the limelight as the "next NTP" and (2) reporters who have been covering this case need to move onto some new patent hoarding company. Well, step right up Forgent, you're the next contestant on "Just How Screwed Up Is Our Patent System?!" The AP has an article all about Forgent's attempts to be the next patent hoarding company to get all the attention. There's absolutely nothing new in this story. We've covered Forgent extensively in the past. The company has done nothing to help innovation in the imaging space. They had some patents collecting dust that they retroactively decided could cover jpg compression technology, and went on a licensing kick, scoring millions of dollars. Of course, now, people are finally digging up some prior art -- but either way it highlights the problem of the patent system. This company did nothing to promote innovation. It did everything to hinder it. And the comments from the company about how this is "the American way" are ridiculous. Holding back others from innovating and improving the market is the American way? Unfortunately, this is the legacy of the RIM-NTP decision. More companies feel emboldened to not innovate, but simply patent and wait for others to innovate.

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    MyselfAnInventor (profile), 18 Mar 2006 @ 11:17pm

    Being an inventor myself....

    Angry dude, being an inventor myself I would just like to say that your statement from the 18th of March 2006 at 0545 reading

    >Ask any real inventors out there if you don;t belive me.
    Do they do it for money of just for pure joy of inventing ?
    The answer will be the money. Just ask them...
    Everybody wants to be paid for his work, including inventors.

    I would just like to say this one thing, That statement is the biggest load of B.S I have ever seen. Further, you show a blatent disregard for proving your statements.

    Now don't get me wrong. I am NOT a patent holder. I have 200+ inventions floating around my house and not a single one of them is patented. As a matter of fact, I am considering releasing them under something similar to the GNU license. (You do know what GNU is right? If not here is a link, The reason being my aim in inventing is NOT to make money, but to improve the society in which we live. Granted there are some-things that must be done when inventing to protect your property, such as not releasing images or descriptions until they are licensed, However by using a license similar to GNU not only will I retain credit for the Original work but John Doe down the road can say, "Hey! This Device works really well, but if it had this...." and he can add it and re-release it under the same license. By holding that original license in my hand, I can prevent him from making money off of my original idea, but still allow him to further the good of society.

    Also, as noted in previous comments, You have mentioned several times that you are a patent holder, now PLEASE I beg of you, back yourself up. Otherwise you are blatently disrespecting the other readers and making yourself seem (as Mike so kindly put it earlier) incredibly childish and Niave. And if I may make one final suggestion, get yourself a good spell-checking program and check your posts before you submit them. Easy way out, copy paste into Microsoft Word click the spell check button. I am going to hope you don't need a tutorial on that, however if you do I will write one for you and post it on my website.


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