TiVo Mobile... A Lot Less Than You Might Think

from the that's-it?!? dept

TiVo is getting a bunch of attention in the news right now for announcing something called TiVo Mobile. This probably conjures up a variety of ideas about what the company could be offering, from a better version of the weak TiVoToGo offering to something more in the place shifting space, to go along with the time shifting concept popularized by TiVo in the first place. Instead... it's just a little app that will let you program your TiVo from your mobile phone -- if, and only if, you're a Verizon Wireless customer. Sure, it's nice that they're letting people connect to their TiVo from mobile devices -- but it hardly seems worth the attention it's getting. Most people don't often need to reprogram their TiVos on the go, so it's not clear how often this will actually get used. Also, the fact that this is just with one single mobile operator again demonstrates one of the problems of the mobile industry. Absolutely no one is going to decide to buy Verizon Wireless service over a competitor solely because they can access their TiVo remotely. Why limit it to just that one mobile operator? Meanwhile, since mobile devices can increasingly access the full web, and TiVo already lets people access their devices via the web, this really seems like a minor deal that's being hyped up as much more than it really is. Update: MocoNews highlights another big problem with this offering. They want to charge $5/month for it. How often do you program your DVR remotely? And is that worth paying an extra $5/month?

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  1. identicon
    Adam Sessler, 7 Mar 2006 @ 9:13am

    who is the "less than $5" paid to?

    When you sign up for this service, who is that "less than $5" being paid to? Is it going to TiVo, the company offering this same service that they give away FREE for anyone with a web browser and internet connection... or is your "less than $5" fee going to Verizon for providing the bandwidth/portal to make make this available to their customers as an incentive to buy their cell phones instead of the competition's...

    I cannot see that this would sway my choice either way when deciding on which PVR to purchase - but by reviewing how competitive cell phone companies have been with their offerings, this seems to be just one more notch Verizon can add to their belt.

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