Here Come The MySpace Rip-Offs

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All these social-networking sites are slightly incestuous, and they all tend to evolve in the same general direction, adding the same features and thriving, then suffering from their faddish natures. MySpace is but the latest example, propelled to the forefront by a big-name, big-bucks acquisition and a rash of publicity. Now, if it didn't already look like there was a social-networking bubble, here come the MySpace copycats. First out of the blocks is "", a site from a well-know automobile content provider for people to -- you guessed it -- get all revved up about cars. It features all the features you'd expect on a site like MySpace, but geared towards letting people make car friends. While the company says it's getting a lot of interest from advertisers, basing any strategy on the success of MySpace might be misguided. We've wondered before why, with MySpace's supposed huge amounts of traffic, its ad revenues were so low, and plenty of questions are being asked about how popular MySpace really is. There's little doubt that it's a hit with young people, but so have plenty of other things before, and plenty of social-networking sites. Some people just need to keep in mind that riding a fad doesn't equal building a sustainable, long-term business.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 1 Oct 2006 @ 4:29pm

    Re: get real or get informed

    yes.. it is very crappy and unprofessional looking.. Sloppy as well. And ANYONE that puts their real "last name" or city they live in. zipcode... of phone number or their "isp" email address is a damned fool.. If you wish to post an email address to be contacted by you should a secondary email address like hotmail, yahoo.. or some other of the same like. If you use AOL, Comcast.. Earthlink or any other as your internet provider never give out your email address assigned from your internet provider. Very skillful people can find out your full real name and/or the city you live in from your ISP Email address.. Usually if they only know the state or regious, ect you live in it is safe.. A 1st name only is usually safe.. But home town, last name, Zip code. phone number. ISP assinghed email address ect can be used to trace you down. And with sites like google and yahoo maps someone can even get a detail map with driving instructions to your home.. Yes,, anyone that leave detailed info like last names and cities on sites like Myspace are asking for some psycho stalker to hunt you down.. I know it can be done because I've worked for isps and am a computer engineer and secruity tech. From being so I have learned how to do it in many cases.. Many people would be really suprised just how easy it is. I only wish more people would complain to their isp's if their host address "dns resolved ip address" has the city name on it.. Mine used to untill I complained and they changed mine.. It is quite easy to get someones ip address from IM's , emails,, and other chatting/communication software programs.. A simple method as easy as leaving off the city name from the host address would resolve this issue as well.

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