Here Come The MySpace Rip-Offs

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All these social-networking sites are slightly incestuous, and they all tend to evolve in the same general direction, adding the same features and thriving, then suffering from their faddish natures. MySpace is but the latest example, propelled to the forefront by a big-name, big-bucks acquisition and a rash of publicity. Now, if it didn't already look like there was a social-networking bubble, here come the MySpace copycats. First out of the blocks is "", a site from a well-know automobile content provider for people to -- you guessed it -- get all revved up about cars. It features all the features you'd expect on a site like MySpace, but geared towards letting people make car friends. While the company says it's getting a lot of interest from advertisers, basing any strategy on the success of MySpace might be misguided. We've wondered before why, with MySpace's supposed huge amounts of traffic, its ad revenues were so low, and plenty of questions are being asked about how popular MySpace really is. There's little doubt that it's a hit with young people, but so have plenty of other things before, and plenty of social-networking sites. Some people just need to keep in mind that riding a fad doesn't equal building a sustainable, long-term business.

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  1. identicon
    you're the 2nd, 1 Oct 2006 @ 4:12pm

    get real or get informed

    You are the 2nd narrow-minded person I have seen that says Myspace is for young people.. or in your words is a hit with young people.. Unless you are 65+ , I do not see your point of view,, nor does anyone else "in general tho.. I did "EXTENSIVE" search and have found that many many people in their mid 20's to early 40's have a myspace.. Again.. I said "Extensive" I do not get deeply into myspace altho i do have a page. I less than 3 months over 50 people have added me as a friend of which 90% of the people there are all near 30 years old or older.. And again as I said.. I dont really care for myspace. -YES it is true it is a hit with young people.. But then again.. If it is a hit with all ages that would include young people as you put it.. Duh? I dont care *if* 70% of the people on myspace are under 20.. IF they are.. the truth is with millions of users.. That still leaves a crap load of adults that use it. Myspace is great because you can find people with your same interest and age group as well as people near your local area.. You can post things of interest about yourself you wish to share.. and the details go on and on.. other simular sites do the same as well as some of the I.M. programs profiles like yahoo.. But they just dont have the same "umf" that myspace has.. 2 friends of over 15 years ago that i had lost contact with found me with myspace.. The only complaint i have about myspace is the interface is still weak and "dinky" and a bit too unprofessional looking.. "sloppy like"

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