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by Mike Masnick

Welcome To The Techdirt Greenhouse: A Live Idea Workshop

from the come-and-join-us dept

A few years back, after getting sick of yet another conference that seemed more designed for the sponsors than the attendees, I wrote up a longer column on the conference I wanted to attend. It was a piece of wishful thinking that I tossed out into the world, hoping someone would create it. Over the past few years, as Techdirt has grown rapidly, we've expanded our product offerings in a number of ways -- all based around the idea of the value you get from adding smart people attacking interesting problems. We started to think about more ways we could provide value to our corporate clients, our readers and others in the tech business world. It became clear last year, that the two concepts were converging -- and so, we're proud to announce our first event, Techdirt Greenhouse: An Idea Workshop taking place March 11th, in Sunnyvale, California, sponsored by the great folks at Plug and Play Real Estate and Topix.net -- two companies who understand and support what we're looking to accomplish with this event.

It's a truly interactive event -- where everyone is expected to participate, contribute and learn. Very much like the Techdirt blog itself, ideas and products will be presented, but rather than leaving the presentations alone -- everyone will be split up into breakout groups where different ideas are workshopped, discussed and (hopefully!) changed for the better. Attendees will get to interact with lots of smart people in small groups, see cool new ideas -- and hopefully spark great new ideas of their own. Go ahead and read the details and register. Seating is limited, so register soon to reserve your seat. Also, if you are interested in being a presenting company, we are nearly full, but still have room for two more companies. Please feel free to contact us, if you're interested in applying for one of the open spots.

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  1. identicon
    Sarah, 22 Feb 2006 @ 2:51pm

    Re: No Subject Given

    There's lots of Latinas in Sunnyvale? I find that there's more Asians in Sunnyvale especially off of Wolfe Rd neighboring Cupertino (Apple Hqtrs). But besides the ladies the event looks interesting! Can't make it but would love to read a review of those who do attend.

    p.s. Don't be mislead by the whole ladies gimmick. The ratio in Silcon Valley is 5 geeks to 1 average looking woman. The actual percentage of silcone implants is roughly 2%.

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