Can't Wait For The MySpace Generation To Run For Office

from the now-that-ought-to-be-fun dept

Our discussion on the fear mongering article about MySpace could probably be summed up as saying that it's about time we started teaching people common sense. Taking a slightly different view on all of this is David Canton, who points out that all of the non-common sense by folks today, posting all kinds of personal information to the web is going to come back to bite the MySpace generation in a few years when they start running for office. Of course, on the bright side, maybe it will completely weed out a series of potentially common senseless politicians by automatically disqualifying them. At least we can hope.

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  1. identicon
    Self-Proclaimed Crack Head, 19 May 2006 @ 9:47am


    The guy who originally wrote this post is just jealous of all the fun other people are having and is trying to make up for it by putting them down. Don't be so repressed buddy. Nobody cares if you took drugs when you where a kid anymore. Wake up! Look at Bill Clinton, George W Bush and David Cameron. All have a known (albeit ancient) history of drug use and have managed to brush it off because all decent people really care about is how well they do their job. I do not condone drug use but I certainly think that such narrowmindedness is far more dangerous.

    Funny post though

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