Can't Wait For The MySpace Generation To Run For Office

from the now-that-ought-to-be-fun dept

Our discussion on the fear mongering article about MySpace could probably be summed up as saying that it's about time we started teaching people common sense. Taking a slightly different view on all of this is David Canton, who points out that all of the non-common sense by folks today, posting all kinds of personal information to the web is going to come back to bite the MySpace generation in a few years when they start running for office. Of course, on the bright side, maybe it will completely weed out a series of potentially common senseless politicians by automatically disqualifying them. At least we can hope.

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  1. identicon
    Louis, 7 Apr 2006 @ 5:38am

    Re: No Subject Given by Eric

    Personally, I'm more afraid of the politicians with a squeaky clean past. Anyone that claims that there's nothing they did as a kid they'd rather forget is either lying, or some sort of sociopath.

    As we move towards a transparent society, one in which Google cache remembers everything that we do at every stage in our life... it'll become virtually impossible to find candidates for public office that can hide their, um, indiscretions for very long.

    My belief is that this will ultimately be a good thing. These sorts of scandals will become so ubiquitous that the public will grow desensitized to it and they'll cease to have the impact they do. If I was really ideallistic, I would suggest that it would force elections to be about the issues rather than mudslinging.

    Hear, hear! I don`t believe anyone can claim that they haven`t done at least one thing in their lives that they┬┤re not ashamed of.

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