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HideTechdirt is off for the long weekend! We'll be back with our regular posts tomorrow.

Can't Wait For The MySpace Generation To Run For Office

from the now-that-ought-to-be-fun dept

Our discussion on the fear mongering article about MySpace could probably be summed up as saying that it's about time we started teaching people common sense. Taking a slightly different view on all of this is David Canton, who points out that all of the non-common sense by folks today, posting all kinds of personal information to the web is going to come back to bite the MySpace generation in a few years when they start running for office. Of course, on the bright side, maybe it will completely weed out a series of potentially common senseless politicians by automatically disqualifying them. At least we can hope.

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  1. identicon
    A. Kohler, 6 Apr 2006 @ 4:08pm

    Both Sides Are Correct

    As usual, both sides of the "debate" are correct. I agree that most of MySpace is horrid; however, some of it is not - and to each his ow, anyway. Although I'm a bit too old to be a member of the MySpace Generation, I am a member of the Internet Gerenation (27 years old), born and bred. I recently got a MySpace account due to peer pressure from my RL friends. I initially thought I would never use it, but I have since decided that it will be an excellent promotional tool for my business, as we offer some services (such as writing, editing, and Web design) that can be geared toward high school and college kids.
    I have a whole box of photos from my days as a New England prep school student, and you could not pay me to publish them. I would be a lot more likely to vote for someone who admitted to smoking pot in school than for someone who lied about it, though. I also hope that someday people's personal business will be personal and that politicians will be elected based upon their qualifications instead. If the only way that will happen is by everyone putting their business out on the Net, so be it. I'm still not publishing my photos, though.

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