Can't Wait For The MySpace Generation To Run For Office

from the now-that-ought-to-be-fun dept

Our discussion on the fear mongering article about MySpace could probably be summed up as saying that it's about time we started teaching people common sense. Taking a slightly different view on all of this is David Canton, who points out that all of the non-common sense by folks today, posting all kinds of personal information to the web is going to come back to bite the MySpace generation in a few years when they start running for office. Of course, on the bright side, maybe it will completely weed out a series of potentially common senseless politicians by automatically disqualifying them. At least we can hope.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 20 Feb 2006 @ 4:53pm

    Re: Think before you speak......

    im sorry if i offended anyone just because i go to a New England prep school. yeah, im ued to autocorrect, its a bad habit. We are all inteligent and we are trained to be leaders at my school. Im not saying we will all be leaders but we think for ourselves and use logic and not the bible. I understand people might be angry with me for that post. I dont consider myself better than anyone, I just consider myself more prepared than most kids my age. I concern myself with what is going on around me and dont waste my time making a fool of myself TyPiNg LiKe ThIs. to be honest I wish I was born about 10-20 years earlier. My generation pisses me off. I am sorry if people took my previous message in the wrong way, I do love my country, that is why i am concerned about the future leadership. (I am currently 16)

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