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by Mike Masnick

Ask A Yakking Theater Patron To Be Quiet, Get Charged With Assault

from the how-it-goes dept

We've all heard stories or dealt with rude theater patrons who answered phone calls during a movie. However, when an Australian politician visiting family in Texas tried to ask one such person to please be quiet, the end result had the politician charged with assault. From the various press accounts, it appears that the Australian woman tapped the shoulder of the woman who answered the phone, and put a finger to her own lips to indicate to her that she should be quiet. When the woman kept on talking, she tried again -- which apparently angered the yakker to no end. She started yelling, then stormed out of the theater and called the police. The police came back and charged both women, who now have to appear in court. It's likely (you hope) that the court realizes the "shusher" didn't do anything wrong and lets her off, but if not, she's facing a $700 fine. Who knew that asking someone to stop being rude was now a crime?

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  1. identicon
    Stack, 13 Feb 2006 @ 6:59pm

    Another example

    This story sounds just like this one from a while back (click for mugshots):

    Florida duo nabbed after "Catwoman" phone spat

    JULY 28--Meet Warronnica Harris and Terrell Tolson. The Florida couple got popped this week at a St. Petersburg theater after Harris, 23, allegedly refused to end a cell phone call as the opening credits for "Catwoman" rolled. When an off-duty police officer working at the theater tried to curtail her chat, Harris announced that "she could talk as much as she wanted on her phone," according to this police report. In short order, Tolson, 25, joined in, allegedly telling Officer John Douglas that he would kick the cop's ass. The report quotes Harris as saying she would "hit the cracker in his head." In a bid to subdue the duo (pictured below in mug shots snapped by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office), Douglas blasted them with pepper spray. Harris and Tolson were eventually charged with disorderly conduct--and spared having to sit through another Halle Berry bomb. (3 pages)

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