Fired For Playing Solitaire?

from the what-if-it-made-him-more-productive dept

Politicians love to find actions that make them look "tough" on something -- even if the end result actually has bad results. New York's Mayor Bloomberg seems to be going down this route, as he personally had a city employee fired after spotting Solitaire open on his computer. This really isn't a first for politicians. A year ago, a state senator in North Carolina looked to have Solitaire banned from government computers, claiming that it would save the government money. Apparently, both of these politicians think that if someone doesn't have Solitaire on their computers, they'd automatically be productive workers during the time that they were otherwise playing (rather than doing something else to waste time). Of course, studies have suggested that a quick game of Solitaire at work can often be good for worker productivity. It gives workers much needed breaks that make them more productive when they are working and makes them happier. However, none of that matters, apparently. Why not judge employees on the actual work they do, rather than on whether or not they take an occasional break?

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  1. identicon
    Work Smarter, 13 Feb 2006 @ 7:31am

    Re: OK: Remove the solitare.exe and not block webs

    We dont all work in callcenters you communist prick. We live in a country where the only work worth doing is knowledge work. Everything else is commodisized. I have worked for big city governemnt, small tech companies and large enterprises. In my opinion employee loyalty extends only as far as employer loyalty. An employer will fire you the second you are no longer needed without thinking about your needs. On that note the only work ethic worth a lick is to do what you need to do to get payed. In your world I would imagine you would never think of asking an hourly employee to stay late for anything and if you did and they refused you would ofcourse say "Thank You" anyway and not think any less of them since they are only required to do their 9-5. In my world we have to use our brains to produce work product. Some of us work faster than others. Im may case I can produce 8 hour of work in 4 and managers cant keep up. Does that mean that I have to do twice as much work as someone else? I dont so. So, my manager can either let me go home with a full days pay or shut the hell up. Work smarter not harder. Now I dont know what theis poor guys at the mayors office is but the reason he got canned is because it made the mayor feel inadequate that one of his employees was not grovelling for more work to do. FIre him on the merits of his work not on what he does on any given minute. Last I checked the guy was salaried and exempt for overtime pay. That means he has some control as to how he manages his time. I can see someone who works by the hour then charges me 3 or four hours to play solitaire. But if they are salaried I can expecte them to work as hard as they have to to do their jobs regardless of hours.

    In any case, my point is, Work Smarter not Harder. Leave the backbreaking work for the cheaper developing countries. To excell in the US today you need to use your head. And companies need to understand that minds need breaks too. I take plenty of non-smoking breaks and thats exactly what I call them when my smoking manager asks.

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