Fired For Playing Solitaire?

from the what-if-it-made-him-more-productive dept

Politicians love to find actions that make them look "tough" on something -- even if the end result actually has bad results. New York's Mayor Bloomberg seems to be going down this route, as he personally had a city employee fired after spotting Solitaire open on his computer. This really isn't a first for politicians. A year ago, a state senator in North Carolina looked to have Solitaire banned from government computers, claiming that it would save the government money. Apparently, both of these politicians think that if someone doesn't have Solitaire on their computers, they'd automatically be productive workers during the time that they were otherwise playing (rather than doing something else to waste time). Of course, studies have suggested that a quick game of Solitaire at work can often be good for worker productivity. It gives workers much needed breaks that make them more productive when they are working and makes them happier. However, none of that matters, apparently. Why not judge employees on the actual work they do, rather than on whether or not they take an occasional break?

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 12 Feb 2006 @ 11:11pm

    Re: OK: Remove the solitare.exe and not block webs

    I work in the callcenter industry where productivity is measured on the call by call basis. This is a situation where having games and other distractions effects the agent's metrics and also prevents them from properly taking care of the customer. The simple and sweet of it is that we remove any way for them to have any kind of distraction to increase their focus on the work. If they don't like it, they either get over it, or they can leave.

    They get their breaks mandated by law and that is all they get. This attitude that all work and no play is crap. The workers can play when they get home. Unfortunately in this touchy feely day, no-one understands what work ethic is anymore. You come to work early enough to get you shit together before your shift and then you can start working the minute you punch in (ON-TIME). You do your job to the absolute best of your ability (This means that you do EVERYTHING you are told to do without deviation and without missing your deadlines). If you feel that you have too much to do, then you are not managing your time effectively enough. If you have time to chit-chat with anyone, other than to clearify a task, to receive a new task, or to report completion of a task, then you are stealing from the company coffers. Any time spent on the job site not spent on work is theft and can be prosecuted. Not to mention misuse of timeclock and that is a terminable offense in most organizations.

    So, while you are reading this at work, here is a helpful reminder: We are watching and you no longer have a job. I would tell you to pick up your last check, but since we are sueing you for all of the time you have stolen from us, you may still owe.

    And, as always, Thank You for doing business with "local company", and have a great day.

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