Fired For Playing Solitaire?

from the what-if-it-made-him-more-productive dept

Politicians love to find actions that make them look "tough" on something -- even if the end result actually has bad results. New York's Mayor Bloomberg seems to be going down this route, as he personally had a city employee fired after spotting Solitaire open on his computer. This really isn't a first for politicians. A year ago, a state senator in North Carolina looked to have Solitaire banned from government computers, claiming that it would save the government money. Apparently, both of these politicians think that if someone doesn't have Solitaire on their computers, they'd automatically be productive workers during the time that they were otherwise playing (rather than doing something else to waste time). Of course, studies have suggested that a quick game of Solitaire at work can often be good for worker productivity. It gives workers much needed breaks that make them more productive when they are working and makes them happier. However, none of that matters, apparently. Why not judge employees on the actual work they do, rather than on whether or not they take an occasional break?

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  1. identicon
    Anonemousey, 10 Feb 2006 @ 10:18pm

    Re: The Problem Is....

    "If they wanted to, they could have just unchecked the nifty little box next to Microsoft Games when they installed the OS for Bezebel's sake. More often, employees will either smoke a cigarette, BS with a co-worker, or just surf the internet."
    So true. In my company I see meetings with too many sidebars that have little to do with the topic at hand and casual hallway conversations that turn into 30min chat sessions as more time wasting than surfin' the 'net or playing solitaire (which my company saw fit to remove from all computers... thanks, that makes those business trip flights a REAL JOY!)
    My thought is that if an employee is not performing their job, the manager should be involved enough to know it, and firm enough to crack down on poor performance. If the employee is fully performing their job, but is still wasting time on these things, then you haven't given the employee enough interesting stuff to keep them preoccupied throughout their day. Yeah, I know that smacks of Peter in Office Space getting promoted for doing nothing, but it's partly so funny because it's partly true - just exaggerated.

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