Fired For Playing Solitaire?

from the what-if-it-made-him-more-productive dept

Politicians love to find actions that make them look "tough" on something -- even if the end result actually has bad results. New York's Mayor Bloomberg seems to be going down this route, as he personally had a city employee fired after spotting Solitaire open on his computer. This really isn't a first for politicians. A year ago, a state senator in North Carolina looked to have Solitaire banned from government computers, claiming that it would save the government money. Apparently, both of these politicians think that if someone doesn't have Solitaire on their computers, they'd automatically be productive workers during the time that they were otherwise playing (rather than doing something else to waste time). Of course, studies have suggested that a quick game of Solitaire at work can often be good for worker productivity. It gives workers much needed breaks that make them more productive when they are working and makes them happier. However, none of that matters, apparently. Why not judge employees on the actual work they do, rather than on whether or not they take an occasional break?

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  1. identicon
    matkat, 7 Feb 2011 @ 10:09pm

    To be or not to be...

    I think it totally depends on the indivdual. As in, if they can multitask or not. For example, some ppl might work better while listening to music, others may find it distracting, but the workplace bans it because some find it distracting even if it helps others. Solitare being taken off computers might help the majority of students in a classroom enviorment, but then your gonna have the one or few students who are multitaskers or have very active minds and get bored and therefore looses attention if not multitasking. I know this because I am that indivdual and I am sure there are others like me. In college I would do something mundance while listening to lectures like RDP into my home computer and manage torrents or something, just doing something other then sitting there kept my mind busy. I did fine in school, but I am sure if the instructor knew they would think I wasn't paying attention even if my grades and test scores reflected that I was. I think some people just find it insulting if they are in a postion where you are suppossed to be giving your undivded attention and your attention is in fact divided, even if that helps some people.

    The world is made by the lowest commmon denominator and the majority. Lowest common denominator example, the kid who blows his hand off with a firework so the whole county bans fireworks, even though the rest play it safe and have a good time. The majority being everyone and anyone, if someones speaks up suddenly, they are the majority opinion cause everyone else had the good sense to mind there own business, but no someone had something to say something, whether its intelligent or not its and opinion so lets make a policy around it cause everyone is entitled to have there opinion respected... boo

    I only respect things that make sense and come from good sense and common sense. Everything else is just office and classroom politics.

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