by Mike Masnick

Supplying The Snake Oil Spammers Still Lucrative

from the money-for-nothing dept

While better filters and some legal crackdowns may have made spamming less lucrative than it used to be, it appears that those who supply spammers are still doing ok. Spam Kings author Brian McWilliams notes that the company that supplies many of the bogus pills you see advertised via spam is buying a bunch of new buildings as it expands. All this for some pills that have been analyzed in the past to include a number of ingredients not listed on the label, such as: "significant levels of E. coli, yeast, mold, lead and pesticide residues." Yet slap a label on it about how it will shrink your stomach or enlarge other body parts... and people just keep buying.

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    Anonymous Coward, 7 Feb 2006 @ 4:39pm

    No Subject Given

    Why aren't these companies penalized? If your sales benefit from spam, you should face the consequences.

    Spammers aren't sending "herbal viagra" email because they love the product, they are doing it because they get paid. Put the CEO of herbal viagra company or the free iPod company in jail and fine his company $1 per spam email sent. Problem solved.

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