No Network Neutrality, No Internet... And That's Just What Telcos Want

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The network neutrality debate has been heating up as of late, and with hearings today, it's no surprise to be hearing more about it. The always interesting Daniel Berninger has written up a good analysis on Om Malik's site explaining why the internet doesn't exist without network neutrality, while suggesting that's exactly what the telcos want. It's not so much about squeezing more money out of the likes of Google and others, but in killing off what makes the internet useful... which allows them (they think) to go back their older business model which is clearly under attack from the internet. Of course, most people recognize that this will never happen -- but that won't stop the telcos from making a mess of things in the meantime.

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    Jeff Carlton, 7 Feb 2006 @ 1:49pm

    Re: Well . . .

    You are missing the whole point of the telcos argument. They are not talking about the connections to their customers. They are talking about the back-bone connections between telcos. Without those connections, cable providers, and the programs you mentioned cease to function. Currently, we enjoy a situation where each telco connects to each other without regard to the data passing through the routers. In a non-neutral model, the telco would charge the content provider for the bandwidth utilized. This charge would come after any access fees that have been paid by the provider to their ISP and the end user has paid has paid to theirs. A double-dipping effect if you will. Very, very greedy.

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