No Network Neutrality, No Internet... And That's Just What Telcos Want

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The network neutrality debate has been heating up as of late, and with hearings today, it's no surprise to be hearing more about it. The always interesting Daniel Berninger has written up a good analysis on Om Malik's site explaining why the internet doesn't exist without network neutrality, while suggesting that's exactly what the telcos want. It's not so much about squeezing more money out of the likes of Google and others, but in killing off what makes the internet useful... which allows them (they think) to go back their older business model which is clearly under attack from the internet. Of course, most people recognize that this will never happen -- but that won't stop the telcos from making a mess of things in the meantime.

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    Brad Eleven, 11 Jul 2006 @ 9:56am

    Re: Re: No Subject Given

    It doesn't matter whether any Bush official--or anyone at all, for that matter--actually said these words. This is what it looks like they're doing. If you think the words have more cred because they can be traced back to a specific individual, you'd prefer not to think for yourself. It's obvious. Think of Microsoft refusing to cooperate with existing standards, and simply inventing their own standards b/c of their market share.

    Legally defensible and morally reprehensible.

    OTOH, if you discredit the words because you don't like the NYTimes, or because they can't be traced to someone specific (that you could also dislike/discredit), you think only for yourself. That is, you don't have room to consider other perspectives.

    Neither position is "wrong". Both have (IMHO) unacceptable trade-offs, though. Your Mileage May Vary, Based On Your Usage.

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