AOL, Yahoo To Charge Marketers Due To Own Spam Filter Failings

from the uh.--but-why? dept

There was some buzz about this last week, but some more details have now come out about Yahoo and AOL's plans to charge marketers to email their users. Contrary to some blogs' commentary on the situation, this does not mean that you will need to pay a fee to email your friends at either of these services. It's simply directed at commercial emails. The thought process is a bit roundabout. Basically, a bunch of companies are complaining that the spam filters these services use are too aggressive, and often block out their emails. So, AOL and Yahoo are offering an alternative. Pay up, and the emails skip the spam filters. However, there's also a catch. You have to show that the people on your mailing list really did ask to receive those emails. In other words, this is really a lot of talking about not very much at all. AOL and Yahoo are basically going to try to charge marketers for the fact that their own spam filters don't work all that well and are blocking legitimate messages.

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  1. identicon
    Tyshaun, 6 Feb 2006 @ 8:06am

    so let me get this straight...

    Someone out there is paying AOL to provide e-mail services for them. That someone goes out and subscribes to some companies mailing list, let's say Home Depot. Now AOL says to Home Depot, you are in our spam filtering software, you need to pay me to get to the customer that requested e-mail from you, that's paying us too?

    That sounds vaguely like extortion to me and poor idiot AOL subscriber ends up getting scre*** both ways because he's paying AOL and probably pays more to shop at Home Depot because they have to hike up the price a bit just to send the AOL subscriber e-mail.

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