File Sharing Remains Constant

from the good-or-bad-depending-on-how-you-spin-it dept

While the recording industry likes to declare that its legal actions against file sharers are a success, a new report shows little change in file sharing traffic. This can easily be spun to support both sides -- and the likely truth is that there are multiple forces at work here. Some people have almost definitely stopped their file sharing activities due to the threat of lawsuits. Though, you could argue that's a hollow victory -- because those people may discover less music and may end up giving less money to the recording industry and its artists. The industry's spin is not surprising. It's celebrating the fact that sharing has been "contained" by noting that with more broadband use, it should have increased. However, again, we're talking hollow victories here. There's still a ton of file sharing going on and the real question is what it's actually done for the industry's ability to make money in the future -- and you could make a reasonable case that it's done a lot more harm than good. The other bit of doublespeak from the industry spokesperson is the claim that all these complaints about copy protection are simply misunderstandings, and that the technology "helps get music to consumers in new and flexible ways." That's funny, it doesn't seem to add any new method of delivery that we can see, and seems to remove flexibility, not add it.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 19 Jan 2006 @ 5:46pm

    Re: No Subject Given

    What kind of music are they worried about any way? That ghetto rap crap they are so fond of cramming down our throats? Get a life, get a job and rise above your self imposed povery. Stop whining about how the "man got you down" because if anyone put you where you, are it is you.

    Sorry for the rant, but I know too may people where I live that wonder why their lives suck and blame me for their failure to use their time in school for educating themselves. Most of them are drop outs and borderline felons. And that ghetto music that RIAA keeps pushing on us is an example of how backwrds this country is. They say there is no future without history, but if you let some of history go, things may actually get better for everyone. So let the friggen past die and get over it!!!! We are not in the civil war anymore, there are no more slaves (in the US). Get the F over it. And stop making music about it!!!

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