The Market

by Mike Masnick

Techs Missing Badly

from the recovery-delayed dept

We don't put much stock (pun not intended) in what equity analysts have to say, so the idea that a bunch of big tech names all missed their earnings estimates and dampened expectations going forward isn't that exciting. However, it does suggest that for all the talk about how tech was "back," some of it may be a bit of wishful thinking, eagerly hoping to bring back bubble era stock madness. We have no clue if these misses from Intel, Yahoo and IBM really indicate much of anything about the real state of the tech world (mostly, we'd say they indicate very little about it), but it does show that some people somewhere (whether in these companies or on Wall Street) were a little too eager to believe that the boom days were coming back so quickly. Remember after the last bubble burst, everyone was hoping for a "soft landing?" Well, now maybe we have a softer recovery to look forward to as well.

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    Andrew Strasser, 17 Jan 2006 @ 9:57pm

    Our dollar got rambunctious.

    Basically we got overzealous last week. Kinda interesting for the time when I started using a program called FXCM Trading Station. It really helped me to check and make sure the software wasn't just lying when I was doing good. One good drop on the dollar and you could lose 5k quick with their lil tutorial.

    There are many things that the tech companies need the extra profits for so it does make sense. They have to re-do their R&D and that teakes years. I still see the dollar falling from it's peak for a few more days. It should even back out as the market gets done responding to this and the fact we had a huge peak last week in the market which we haven't seen in awhile.

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    giafly, 18 Jan 2006 @ 2:06am


    The article doesn't say actually that companies "missed their earnings estimates".
    It is comparing company results vs independent analysts' estimates or expectations.

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    Enok, 18 Jan 2006 @ 8:57am

    No Subject Given

    There's still a lot of value to be had in some small tech stocks, like Palm and iRobot, who have so far escaped the mainstream investor despite a fairly rosy future.

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