Like Clockwork -- Operators Spin Own Info Leak As A Government Problem

from the say-what-now? dept

Last night we posted the story of someone being able to obtain the mobile phone records of a national figure -- while noting that the outrage seemed misdirected. The complaint was about why the government isn't doing anything about this. As we've pointed out in the past, the sharing of this information is already illegal. The real question is how come the mobile operators are letting this info out in the first place. However, the operators obviously don't want this to reflect poorly on them, so they quickly trotted out head lobbyist Steve Largent to build on the original outrage... towards the government. He complains that it's the government's fault: "We urge the appropriate government authorities to take action necessary." Basically, he's urging them to clean up the mess the operators made themselves by not protecting this info in the first place. Of course, what makes this even more silly, is that this is the same industry that always complains that they should be allowed to self-regulate, while keeping the government out. So, now, when it's clearly a problem created by the operators being unable to protect their own customer's data, they go running to the government to save them?

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  1. identicon
    just a friend, 13 Jan 2006 @ 8:05pm

    Of course, it's the gov't's responsibility!

    After the pharmaceutical companies made sure the Medicare Prescription Act included a specific prohibition of negotiating bulk pricing and the banks and credit card companies got them to change the bankruptcy laws because of their own lending practices - why shouldn't the rest of us jump on the bandwagon.

    The only thing that gives me comfort is the knowledge that this administration and majority party are fiscal conservatives in favor of smaller government. It gives me the peace of mind I need to sleep at night, knowing that the GOP has successfully reduced government regulation, freeing up valuable resources to fight the war on terrorism - can you imagine the manpower required to listen to all those warrantless wiretap tapes? I shudder to think what could have happened if it had gone the other way in 2000 - why, we might be handing out free condoms and medical marijuana and you just know homosexuals would be getting married right and left!

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