Verizon Still Crippling Bluetooth

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It should come as little surprise to learn that Verizon Wireless has crippled Bluetooth on the Treo 700W, preventing it from being used as an EV-DO modem for a laptop or PDA. After all, this is the carrier that got sued -- and ended up settling -- for crippling the Bluetooth on another handset, and similarly prevented the Treo 650 from being used as a modem as well. The carrier's rationale is amusing. It says, apparently, that it's shut off dial-up networking support because the Treo doesn't meet its network requirements -- does that mean that Verizon requires its handsets to help fleece its customers? For what it's worth, it says it "hopes" to release Treos with the feature turned on in the third quarter, but it won't say if previously bought phones will be un-crippled. Verizon really likes to break the functionality of phones it sells -- remember, too, that it's fresh off an uproar for removing MP3 playback functionality from some of its other handsets.

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  1. identicon
    Carlos, 25 May 2007 @ 9:22pm

    Unlock bluetooth functionality on LG enV from veri

    The verizon website states that the LG VX9900 enV phone supports most of the bluetooth profiles. The ones that I am interested in are theA2DP and the AVRCP which allows the musinc from the phone to be streamed and controlled through another bluetooth device that supports this profile on the recieving end. Well, I bough a pioneer car stereo with bluetooth that supports this profiles and I can connect through the HFP (Hands Free Profile) to make hands free calls, but I cannot connect the phone to the Pioneer BT feature to play music through the stereo system. I called Verizon and they told me that those features are locked and not supported for products that they don't sell even though they don't tell you that in the website where they advertise the bluetooth profiles that the phone supports. It is definetly unfair, false advertisement, and a trick so you would buy only the devices they sell. If anybody knows of a way to unlock this so I can use the music player through my stereo system please let me know.

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