Verizon Still Crippling Bluetooth

from the call-the-bluedentist dept

It should come as little surprise to learn that Verizon Wireless has crippled Bluetooth on the Treo 700W, preventing it from being used as an EV-DO modem for a laptop or PDA. After all, this is the carrier that got sued -- and ended up settling -- for crippling the Bluetooth on another handset, and similarly prevented the Treo 650 from being used as a modem as well. The carrier's rationale is amusing. It says, apparently, that it's shut off dial-up networking support because the Treo doesn't meet its network requirements -- does that mean that Verizon requires its handsets to help fleece its customers? For what it's worth, it says it "hopes" to release Treos with the feature turned on in the third quarter, but it won't say if previously bought phones will be un-crippled. Verizon really likes to break the functionality of phones it sells -- remember, too, that it's fresh off an uproar for removing MP3 playback functionality from some of its other handsets.

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  1. identicon
    Dave, 25 Jan 2007 @ 9:54am

    Hit Verizon where is count's!!!

    If you would like to get Verizons attention, You have to get them where they get there money from. Verizon cripples bluetooth functionality to force its customers to buy into their V-cast, Get-it-Now, and EVDO data services so that verizon makes more money from you guys (the customers).

    My proposal is this. Do not buy into the extra subscription services which Verizon offers, for this is where they make their money. I am NOT proposing a complete Verizon boycott. But what I am saying is do not pay Verizon the extra money for these add-on services that you could get for free from other carriers. In other words, pay Verizon for your month phone plan and mayby the optional insurance if you're prone to break your phone.

    The goal in all this is to make Verizon believe that their extra data services (a.k.a. V-cast, EVDO high-speed internet, and Get-it-now) is not worth supporting. Don't let Verizon tell us how to use our phones. We do have the power by not buy these extra services.


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