Is Google The Secret Ingredient For Saving TV?

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Would you believe this story isn't about the Google Video offering everyone's expecting the company to announce later today? Instead it's about Robert Cringely's latest bit of speculation about Google's involvement in the TV advertising business. We had mentioned a few months ago that Google was looking to expand into TV ads, while noting that it wouldn't prove as lucrative since they couldn't apply the same efficiencies as they did to online advertising. Cringely, however, is thinking that maybe they can. He's basing it on the growing interest from cable and telcos in personalized commercials that match the TV viewer. Basically, the suggestion is that only Google is good enough to help those companies offer really personalized ads -- which might be a stretch. Cringely discusses personalizing TV ads as if it's an easy thing to do -- leaving aside the fact that there's no way for the TV to know who's really watching, and people might not be all that thrilled about their TV company knowing so much additional information about them. Still, if it ever does come to the TV providers being more reliant on Google, perhaps that explains why they're all pushing so hard against Google right now, trying to establish who has more power in any relationship. Still, if Google really is the "secret ingredient" for saving TV, it's unlikely to be because they put better commercials on the screen -- because the concept of the 30 second spot is facing some fundamental problems, if you hadn't noticed.

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  1. identicon
    Vasco DaGameboy, 6 Jan 2006 @ 12:17pm

    I don't buy it

    Google is not the panacea that everyone makes it out to be. Yes they've had success in several areas, but they've all been computer or internet related. If you've seen Google Current, the cable channel they are pushing, you know it is weak at best. TV could use some shaking up, but I'm not so sure Google can just breeze into a different medium and turn it on its ear.

    Frankly, I think the bloom is starting to come off the Google rose. Their portal page is not nearly as comprehensive as others. Gmail is nice, but it's just an enhanced webmail. I know they're the darling of the industry at the moment, but I'm not drinking the Kool Aid and assuming Google can conquer all media, not until I see more proof than Cringely's feeble prognostication.

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