by Mike Masnick

Homeless Inventor Bills Yankees For Magic World Series Winning Technology

from the seems-a-bit-late dept

A homeless inventor apparently has sent a bill to the New York Yankees, saying that his invention helped the team win the 1996 World Series. He claims that he sent the team prototypes of "a rubber tube that can be frozen and worn around the neck as a personal cooler." According to the guy, these devices allowed the Yankees to get in extra practice time, which was all they needed to end a fifteen year World Series drought. Of course, beyond the fact that there's no real evidence (a) that the Yankees ever used such a thing or (b) that it helped them in any way if they did, he certainly didn't have any agreement in place with the team at the time, so it seems unlikely the team is about to pay up the $1.5 million he's demanding, plus an additional $1 million loan (to help him start the business). It's not clear why he waited a decade to make the claim -- or what's happened the last few years, since the Yankees haven't won the World Series since 2000. Perhaps he's been sending other, better inventions to other teams.

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