Swallowing Mobile Phones May Be Considered Harmful

from the just-saying dept

While we know that the holidays are supposed to be a peaceful time to spend with family and friends, it can also be quite stressful for many people and fights with loved ones are bound to break out here and there. Now, as a holiday suggestion, we're going to recommend that should your fight with your significant other get serious, that you not swallow his or her mobile phone in an attempt to keep said significant other from leaving. Unfortunately, this advice comes a bit too late for a woman in Missouri who tried to swallow her boyfriend's phone to prevent him from leaving after an argument. The event resulted in her being rushed to the hospital with difficulty breathing. No word on whether or not the boyfriend actually left (or if he got the phone back). Update: Later police reports are saying that the phone swallowing may not have been voluntary -- though the rest of the details have not been explained.

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