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11:51 Real Talk About Fake News (45)
10:51 Congressperson's Sex Trafficking Bill Looks To Carve Holes In Section 230 Immunity (18)
10:45 Daily Deal: Kove Commuter Wireless Speaker (0)
09:31 Defense Contractor Shkrelis The US Government By Jacking Up Prices On Sole-Source Components (26)
06:28 'Just Use A VPN' Isn't A Real Solution To The GOP's Decision To Kill Broadband Privacy Protections (73)
03:25 FBI's Presence At The Garland, Texas Shooting Appears To Show It Prefers Easier Terrorism Arrests (27)


21:49 AT&T Settles With DOJ Over LA Dodgers Channel Collusion Allegations (7)
15:25 Consumer Broadband Privacy Protections Are Dead (92)
14:41 California News Publisher Files SLAPP Suit Against Competing Online Publisher (10)
13:15 Techdirt Podcast Episode 115: The End Of Ownership (0)
11:57 The Web Screws Artists Again... By Letting Them Have A Normal Life (22)
10:47 Supreme Court Won't Hear Case About Copyright Protection Of Pre-1972 Sound Recordings (17)
10:45 Daily Deal: Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle (2)
09:35 More Prosecutors Abusing Their Access And Power To Illegally Eavesdrop On Conversations (11)
08:25 Tell California Assembly Not To Ignore The First Amendment As It Tries To Ban Fake News (20)
06:25 Donald Trump Keeps Taking Credit For Tech Sector Jobs He Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With (33)
03:23 Chicago Agrees To Make Red Light Camera System Barely Less Corrupt By Increasing Grace Period By 0.2 Seconds (14)


23:59 Limited Edition Gear For Our Friends In The UK: Necessary Hashtags (2)
17:09 Broadway Play Changes Set Design Over Cafe Trademark Threat And, No, That Doesn't Make Any Damned Sense (14)
14:42 Appeals Court Says Right To Bear Arms Isn't A Right If Cops Are Banging On Your Door In The Middle Of The Night (176)
13:22 Movie Studios Considering Tightening Release Windows When They Should Be Eliminating Them (37)
11:46 Court Says Posting Georgia's Official Annotated Laws Is Not Fair Use, And Thus Infringing (36)
10:42 UK Home Secretary: I Need People Who Understand The Necessary Hashtags To Censor Bad People Online (54)
10:37 Daily Deal: iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit (1)
09:27 More Financial Scandals Involving A Collecting Society: Remind Me Again Why They Are Credible Representatives Of Artists? (33)
06:27 Streaming Video Competition Slowly Begins Killing The Bloated, Pricey Cable Bundle (35)
03:22 Twitter Reports On Government Agencies Using 'Report Tweet' Function To Block Terrorism-Related Content (15)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (15)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: March 19th - 25th (2)


19:39 Encryption Workarounds Paper Shows Why 'Going Dark' Is Not A Problem, And In Fact Is As Old As Humanity Itself (11)
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