Movie Theater Owners Hope To Jam Up Phone Users

from the this-won't-make-the-films-any-better dept

Actively blocking radio signals is illegal in the US, but a group of movie theater owners plans to petition the FCC for permission to jam cell phone signals in their theaters to try to cut down on rude behavior. While we get annoyed by morons answering their phones during movies as much as anyone, letting theater owners block the signals seems a little bit extreme, as well as tempting a lawsuit from an angry parent when their kid's babysitter can't get through to tell them he swallowed some antifreeze. There's little question that movie theaters need to improve the movie-going experience, but assuming that everybody that comes in with a phone is going to be rude and talk on it during the film isn't the way to do it. In any case, jamming radio signals is illegal, with good reason, and "to stop rudeness" really isn't valid justification for making an exception.

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  1. identicon
    Dustin123467, 20 Dec 2005 @ 1:59am

    Re: No Subject Given

    Okay first of all, I normally wouldn't support giving a movie theater chain the ability to block cell phone signals, and it probably will never happen due to emergency responders(firefighters and doctors and such)
    With that said I wish they would do it, as people have proven to be too rude and stupid to be trusted to do the polite thing and turn your damn phones off. Seriously, I don't care if your kid dies, or your mom, or your dog. No one else in the theater gives a shit about you or your so-called "emergency" either, in fact in a more perfect world you would be more concerned about getting your ass kicked for disrupting everyone else's movie.
    Even if it was a real medical emergency, so what? what are you gonna do about it that can't wait until after the movie? by leaving your phone on in the theater, you've already proven that your a disruptive nuisance, so it's probably best that you weren't around while the EMT's or firefighters were handling the emergency as you would probably annoy the shit out of them and make the situation worse.
    The right thing for all of you self-important, inconsiderate, cellphone using dickheads would be to turn your phones OFF in the auditorium, and if you were that worried about an emergency, get off your ass, walk out into the lobby and check your messages every 15 minutes or so.

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