Say That Again

by Mike Masnick

Kevin Martin Gives Birthday Present To Big Telcos

from the happy-birthday-to-you-all dept

Today was apparently FCC chairman Kevin Martin's birthday -- and he celebrated it by having a bunch of big telco execs sing him "Happy Birthday" (you wonder, did they get the rights first?). Then, to return the favor, he gave them all a few birthday presents. First, he said that taxing VoIP systems was a good idea -- something his predecessor was vehemently against, but which the big telcos all endorse, because they're unable to compete as well against VoIP systems. So, rather than looking for ways to actually compete, they want VoIP providers to have to deal with additional taxes as well. Of course, as the article notes, these taxes will go towards the Universal Service Fund -- which has faced numerous mismanagement and fraud charges. Then, to make the telcos even happier, he claimed he sees no reason to push for network neutrality rules, because he doesn't see any evidence that there's a problem. This comes just shortly after both BellSouth and SBC AT&T made it clear that they're looking to give preferential treatment to their own services, while potentially looking to charge any other service provider. It would seem that the small independent telcos and broadband providers should maybe swing by Martin's office to sing him some tunes as well.

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  1. identicon
    ZOMG CENSORED, 14 Dec 2005 @ 5:28pm

    Upsidedown World?

    I thought you were supposed to GET gifts on your birthday, not give away the house (including the infamous 'kitchen sink') to people who don't have a use for said metaphorical house... This makes me sad.

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  2. identicon
    Jeremiah, 15 Dec 2005 @ 8:03am


    This may be why Google has been buying all that dark fiber. They may have peered into thier magic 8-Ball and decided it was less expensive in the long run to build thier own infrastructure.

    Can you imagine what AOL would look like today had they built their own infrastructure instead of building on the telcos'?

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  3. identicon
    Bernie, 15 Dec 2005 @ 8:38am

    FCC and Telcos

    1984 saw the breakup of the AT&T monopoly -- are we going backwards? Again?

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  4. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 16 Dec 2005 @ 10:07am

    No Subject Given


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  5. identicon
    flienty, 27 Mar 2006 @ 5:57am

    happy birthday

    happy birthday to flienty

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  6. identicon
    Robert Raplee, 2 Oct 2007 @ 7:40pm

    Re: FCC and Telcos

    It would seem so.

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