HOWTO Beat Fingerprint Scanners: With Play-Doh

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While researchers are constantly trying to come up with new biometric security methods, the fingerprint scanner has established itself as a trusted piece of equipment, even making its way onto laptops and mobile phones. But a new study says that 90% of scanners can be fooled by a fingerprint made from Play-Doh. As Engadget points out, that's good news for people worried about losing their fingers to thieves. No word, however, on the effectiveness of Silly Putty.

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  1. identicon
    Saruman, 13 Dec 2005 @ 2:14am

    Re: That is why

    I agree. Problem is, most any biometric can be faked, if it relies on only 1 or 2 factors. Lets take Gattaca (dna via blood), Alien Resurrection (breath and voice analysis), Star Trek (voice and eyeball scan), X-Men (eye scan, voice)...all of the above mentioned movies show ways on how the system can be defeated, no matter how near or far into the future you go (or mutated you are =).
    Pretty much the only way to get it right is to submit a full body into the process, and account for every aspect of a human being, including weight, age, skin color, hair, eyes, dna, brainwave patterns, foot and finger prints, breaks in bones, medical conditions.... I can go on with a mile long list. Come up with a system that can do all that, and I can guarantee that every gov't and corporate entity will want a piece of that technology. And you can kiss all your freedoms goodbye =)

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