RIM Dealt A Blow In Patent Case

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RIM had better get that software workaround they've talked about warmed up, as the judge in their patent case with NTP has rejected their attempt to have an earlier settlement enforced. RIM had a few weeks ago asked that the $450 settlement be applied, leading to speculation that it was either trying to cut its losses, or simply just make another legal ploy to drag the case out in hopes it would give the patent office time to invalidate the NTP patents, a path down which it's headed. The two issues remaining before the court are the injunction NTP's seeking to shut down Blackberry service until RIM pays up, and damages. Meanwhile, the company's begun a hearing on a similar patent in the UK, which a Luxembourg-based company claims RIM is violating.

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    Mike (profile), 10 Dec 2005 @ 12:32pm

    Re: America's Inventions

    Wow. That's quite a rant that would be interesting if it were actually even closely related to what happened. Unfortunately, it's not.

    RIM didn't take any "American invention." They moved forward on an obvious idea (mobile email) and did it in a way that made people actually want to buy it. They were the ones who did the actual innovation. Thomas Campana *failed* to successfully market the idea -- and so it's hard to see why his estate deserves anything.

    Meanwhile, the fact that the USPTO has been clearly finding problems with every single NTP patent suggests that this is anything but a frivolous attempt by RIM to harm NTP. They appear to have a very legitimate claim that these patents are bogus and never should have been granted.

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